Our Chairman is a progressive thinker, he is deeply involved in social work, especially in education and upliftment of the poor and is actively involved with a number of organizations/institutions in this regard like : Chinmaya Mission, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Ramakrishna Mission.

He holds various senior positions in these organizations,helping in organizing funds and establishing more than 22,000 One Teacher Schools for poor children in villages. His current mission is to reduce the health hazards of the rural people from kerosene fumes by providing better quality affordable lights for the rural masses.

RAL Group, an integrated infrastructure conglomerate that is committed to inclusive growth and sustainable development in not only the communities it operates in, but also in contributing towards nation building. 

The group understands that the connection and inter dependence between education, poverty reduction, health and gender based issues, are very complex. There are definite and proven links between primary education, child education in particular, with increased household income levels, improvement in child health care, lower infant and maternal mortality rates and so on. Understanding the people and their felt needs, holistic and compassionate approach to work with the communities with close coordination and linkages with the relevant stakeholders are the basic tenets of the group. The group spend 10% of the profit into the CSR activity, thus creating a social impact.



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