About Us


We are a renowned name amongst India's leading FMCG, Solar, Portable Energy and Child Care organizations. Our dynamic presence expands across Solar, FMCG, Portable Energy & Child Care categories with well established brands like Mitva , Nippo, Pigeon, Nuby, Tiffy & Toffee and Purple Turtle. Our export network extensively spreads from Iran to SAARC countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Steps to Success(Our Success Story)

Established in 1973, RAL Consumer Products Ltd. has made ground breaking accomplishments in the field of R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, services  and distribution. Our specialized and highly skilled professionals have set high standards of service, by delivering quality products to the end consumer. Today, we cater to more than 5 lakh retail & wholesale outlets across the country, encompassing from the smallest of the village grocery shop to mega lifestyle mall chains to serving bustling hyper markets in metropolitan cities to subtle NGO's diverse corporate houses to government institutions.


Our Strength


Collaboration with International Brands - Luv'n' Care (USA) & Pigeon Corporation Ltd. (Japan).

Reach - Presence in more than 5,00,000 outlets covered through 1800 distributors across the country.

Human Resources - Existence of a robust manpower consisting of more than 600 salesmen.

ERP - A well monitored ERP network connecting all our warehouses with the head office and the distribution points in order to ensure effective sales, inventory planning and execution.

Phablet - Our sales team is equipped with Hi-tech Phablet to share the market pulse with the management for faster decision making.

R&D - Our R&D team consists of experienced technologists and engineers engaged in innovating, refining and developing patented products and solutions. 

Manufacturing - Our group has an impeccable expertise in manufacturing across different products lines. Our brands are self-owned. RAL Consumer products Ltd. management are also the promoters of Nippo Batteries Limited (A BSE listed company). The Promoters have decades of experience in managing joint ventures with top fortune 100 companies such as Matsushita, Ericsson and Daewoo.


Business Verticals


RAL Consumer Products Ltd. has developed its expertise in different market segments since its inception.

Solar Products MITVA Acquisition of Duron Energy Private Limited in 2014
Portable Energy NIPPO A BSE Listed Company
Mother & Child Care PIGEON Pigeon Corporation (JAPAN) : ¥ 84,113 million revenue
Mother & Child Care NUBY Luv N' Care (USA ): US $ 350 million revenue
Child Care TIFFY & TOFFEE Own brand in child care categories
Child Care PURPLE TURTLE Own brand in child care categories




Brands of RAL


Our Experience

  • Catering to diverse product categories like FMCG, Portable Energy, Solar Products, LED and Child Care Products.
  • Supplying to diverse channel formats ranging from grocery outlets, pharmacies, modern trade centres, canteen stores department, baby shops, toy shops, NGO's, MFI's, Co-operative banks,government sector and others.
  • Actively involved in international trade with exporting products to Bangladesh,Iran,Pakistan,Nepal,Bhutan & Sri Lanka.
  • Innovation at its best ! Our fleet of 150+ supply vans reach out to remotest parts of the rural India making our range of products readily available to residents there. This makes our distribution channel very effective and omnipresent.
  • Our group has expertise in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, services and distribution. Around 100 salespersons cover suburbs of cities on cycles where outlets are difficult to reach.
  • Deep penetration in rural and semi urban (B & C towns) areas, covering all villages with over 2000+ population.
  • Managing marketing and distribution of six Brands of which four 4 of them are self-owned.
  • RAL Consumer Products Ltd. promoters are co-promoters of Nippo Batteries Limited (A BSE listed company).
  • Our Promoters have decades of experience in managing joint ventures with top fortune 100 companies such as Matsushita, Ericsson and Daewoo.

Our Infrastructure