MITVA (Off-Grid Solar)


A name conceived to realize the dream of brighter world & is synonyms in providing efficient aesthetic & affordable solution to all solar lighting requirements. With an experienced in-house design and development team, we specialize in rolling out impeccable products specific to the end consumer requirements. Our products are aesthetically built, environment friendly and their design is tough yet light in weight. We use the world's best product design principles, along with cutting-edge solar technology to make the highest quality, rugged, reliable and affordable products. Our product provides bright and environment friendly light to combat problems faced by masses due to inadequate supply of electricity in areas where sunshine is available in abundance.

Our Solar products line of plug in play solar systems have unparalleled reliability, ease of installation and use. Backed with industry leading service standards, it has millions of satisfied customers globally. Our product range comprises of Solar Lights, Lanterns, Fans, Home Lighting systems, Street lighting systems & Power Packs. Visit Brand Website