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RAL's SOLAR brand "MITVA" coverage in MINT

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh, home to about 16% of India’s 1.2 billion population, many of whom have poor or no access to power, is emerging as the preferred testing ground for non-profits and companies trying out new business models as they seek to tap rising demand for electricity in rural India.

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Coverage of our solar brand MITVA in the HINDU publication

“In solar, there are two parts – one is the government utility projects, and they are going super slow,” Nidhi Modi, executive director, RAL Consumer Products, the largest off-grid solar company in India, said in an interview. “They are targeting 12 GW a year of capacity addition and they are getting 6 GW a year. So they are heavily dependent on the off-grid solar industry.”

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Our Executive Director's interview coverage in the THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE publication

We offer different levels of affordable lighting products: MITVA’s Nidhi Modi

‘Our offerings are not just safer than kerosene lamps but involve no running cost’

The Centre announced earlier this year that it will install around 10,000 mini-grids in poorly electrified areas across the country. The grids, which will run on renewable energy sources, are likely to be ready in about five years. According to publicly available data, India’s planned solar capacity is to be 110 GW by 2022, even as capacity stood at just 6.76 GW at the end of March 2016. Meanwhile, MITVA, an off-grid solar company of RAL Consumer Products Ltd, specializing in affordable lighting and energy solutions, generated revenues of ₹100 crore for the last fiscal. Nidhi Khaitan Modi, Executive Director, RAL Consumer Products, spoke to the Business Line about MITVA’s plans to expand offerings and enter new geographies.

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Interaction session episode of our EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR with one of the India’s top journalist Ms.NEEVA JAIN in the “THE BIG IDEA SHOW, ZEE BUSINESS TV Channel"

About “THE BIG IDEA” at Zee Business

One of the most popular and well-received shows on Zee Business, The Big Idea airs on Zee Business and Zee International/Europe/America. The show is a first of its kind in India. It's a show which is driven to motivate, inspire and drive any young, old, girl or boy, man or woman who dare to dream. Thus delving into the entrepreneurial space or a sector which is out of one’s comfort zone.

Guests so far have been luminous, first and second generation entrepreneurs who have been visionaries, pioneers, stalwarts in their given domain. But foremost they are persons with integrity, honesty and transparency in their business dealing. The companies are true blue chip ones as well. Zee Business has been surreptitious in choosing, those who are sheer innovators and have a pan-India presence.

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MITVA in the Sourcing Electrical magazine

The Residential Off-grid Solar Market

Over five lakh families are already drawing power from off-grid networks and this number is only set to grow.

Electricity generated through coal is getting costlier by the year. Power shutdowns and rising reliance on diesel generators cause contamination and harm the environment. 

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