Tiffy and Toffee is the leading childcare brand which strongly believes in offering products that are safe, comfortable and futuristic. Backed by strong research, design and innovation, Tiffy and Toffee has always delivered luxury and convenience for toddlers and parents. Baby shower stroller or pram developed by Tiffy and Toffee, this great looking stroller has been introduced to carry your baby in a safe and comfortable manner. It is light, compact and folds in just few second. It’s all you need from a travel system at a great price. This stroller or pram comes with three positioned reclining seat, 5 point safety harness that helps your child to have a comfortable and safe journey. Your child can sleep, rest or sit according to his mood under the protection of breathable mosquito net. Four front swivel wheels and four rear wheels with brakes facilitate smooth movement. Our neon range of prams or strollers answers the question that why strollers or pram cannot look fashionable instead of dull and boring, after all it is driven by young beautiful moms. This is why Tiffy and Toffee is the ideal choice for young moms who knows right fashion and right comfort of her baby.