Luv N' Care Ltd (LNC), USA, manufactures the world-renowned 'Nuby' range of Infant Care products. LNC has always aimed to make the safest and most user-friendly options in the world that are easily accessible to the customer. Understanding the tender and sensitive needs of babies, LNC has been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of infant care products since the 1960s. 

LNC's product range is a unique combination of patented features with colourful designs, which are a continuous source of joy to babies. It offers an interesting mix of products for the newborn as well as the toddler. Technologically, the most upgraded company in the industry, LNC constantly strives to improve on its products through consistent and innovative research. 

As a result, LNC continues to modernize its range by improving on existing products and creating new ones through creative concepts and interesting materials. The products thus, are of the highest quality and are manufactured by cutting edge technology in the five factories of the company, spread across the world.