NIPPO (Portable Energy)

Nippo today, is a household name in India. A name synonymous with batteries, manufactured by Indo National Limited. Since its inception in 1972, Nippo has been providing millions of its customers with a quality and performance that is second to none.   Know More

MITVA (Off-Grid Solar)

We are one of the best solar brand in the country. Our Solar products line of plug in play solar systems have unparalleled reliability, ease of installation and use. Backed with industry leading service standards, it has millions of satisfied customers globally. Our product range comprises of Solar Lights, Lanterns, Fans, Home Lighting systems, Street lighting systems & Power Packs.   Know More

PIGEON (Child Care)

Pigeon promotes baby's healthy growth and the happiness of mother and family through advanced research and development innovation. For over a half-century since their establishment, Pigeon has worked tirelessly to develop beneficial maternity and baby care products for easy, enjoyable use. Their expertise and dedication to progress are always at your service.   Know More

NUBY (Child Care)

Since the 1970's Luv n' Care® has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products that are inspired by nature and make the lives of babies and parents easier, simpler and more fun. Our expertise covers all the important and exciting stages that parents encounter when their baby develops and grows, helping them to make important decisions along the journey of parenting.   Know More


Child care is the most challenging responsibility of a parent's life. It shapes the future of a child. Hence, finding appropriate and affordable children's products is often a problem. We, at RAL Consumer Products Ltd., understand the requirements of kids and the desire of their parents. We focus on healthy, safe, affordable and long lasting products for all ages from 0-5.   Know More

TIFFY & TOFFEE (Child Care)

Tiffy & Toffee is our own leading childcare brand which strongly believes in offering products that are Safe, Comfortable and Futuristic. Backed by strong research, design, and innovation, Tiffy & Toffee has always delivered luxury and convenience for babies and parents.   Know More

PANASONIC (Child Care)

Keeping Pace with the changing times Panasonic caters to all the needs and requirements of the consumers. Enabling them to spend their valuable time and efforts in a more productive way. Panasonic Appliances has designed world class products for consumers to create “A Better Life, A Better World”.   Know More