Luv N' Care Ltd (LNC), USA, manufactures the world-renowned 'Nuby' range of Infant Care products. LNC has always aimed to make the safest and most user-friendly options in the world that are easily accessible to the customer. Understanding the tender and sensitive needs of babies, LNC has been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of infant care products since the 1960s.        Know More


Pigeon promotes baby’s healthy growth and the happiness of mother and family through advanced research and development innovation. For over half-a century since it was launched, Pigeon has worked tirelessly to develop beneficial maternity and baby care products for easy, enjoyable use. It's expertise and dedication to progress are always at your service.       Know More


The company was founded in 1918 by Matsushita Konosuke to manufacture and market the electric lamp sockets and plugs he designed. It was incorporated in 1935, when it took its present name, and began expanding rapidly into a number of varied electrical product lines. During the 1930s it added such electrical devices as irons, radios, phonographs, and light bulbs. In the 1950s it began producing transistor radios, television sets, tape recorders, stereo equipment, and large household appliances. During the next decade it added microwave ovens, air conditioners, and videotape recorders. Most of its products are marketed under the brand names Panasonic, Quasar, National, Technics, Victor and JVC.       Know More